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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ipsum Featured

Since I still get many request. Both of via blog comment and personal email. I do my best to reply all, one by one, though some of them replied lately.

And did you know that i got PR4 recently?

Considering to keep my blog content originally, in future I still will apply a password protection for my new template and reveal after few month later.

Lorem Test Post

To avoid content stealing, i use a password protection on several 'valuable' template code. To get the passwords, used to be I ask you to confirm that you agree on my ToU by leaving a comment including your email address enable me send the magic word personally.

Some people says, I'm stupid since "password protection will only make a limitation of traffic to your site", they said. Doesn't meant to be a pedantic, but I believe, they are wrong.

Featured Post

This is a teaser of featured post.

The original template is designated for Wordpress and the blog post placement is very unique. Left section for "date" and "comment link" and posting will be placed on the rightside (or middle of the overall layout).

But for me, this is the hard part to pull out the "date of posting" and "comment link" to be putted on the left side of "posting page", yes you right, i'm not clever enough. :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Dolor Asmet

Meanwhile, all templates which is password protected are now ready to be revealed. Just continue reading to find the password list.

Before, please note the terms of use below :

* you will keep all credit links intact

* you will not use the template on a porn blog, hate-related, violent, or illegal content

Sunday, May 18, 2008

free blogger template

Proudly present "Capung".

Looks beautiful right?

Continue read to see the full screenshot and further detail of this template.

Capung is truly single column. No place prepared for sidebar. I know, some of you that plan to apply this template for replacing the ancient template will yelling "Hey, where to put my existing widget?!!"

Don't worry. Just relax Bro. See this full width screenshot.

Enable you keep monetize or add more widget to your blog I already make a bottombar then you can put all widget you want to this bottombar.

One thing should you remember, the bottombar has same width with the posting area hence use a <center> tag to make this template keep beautiful looking. Or be creative to modify the html code.

Just keep my credit link on the bottom intact . Your donations also welcomes. Send it via paypal to tukang[dot]gudang[at]gmail[dot]com.

Need the live demo? Click here!.

Need the code? Click here.
You will get the zip file but it's password protected. Simply comment and say some meaningful words about template-godown on this post and don't forget to put your email address. I will give you the magic word to open.

Need assistance? Use this form!

Need other two or three column blogger template? Click here!